Year 19 Day 74 – Loronar StarWays To Open Apex Resort

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS, MONDRESS – Loronar StarWays chairman Mar Vannoy has announced plans for the Apex Resort, an exclusive space-based premier vacation destination.

“Loronar StarWays and its subsidiary, SilverSun Resorts, have partnered to create one of the Galaxy’s most exciting new developments,” said Chairman Vannoy in a press conference. “This galactic-class integrated resort will cater for all of our guests’ needs, including dining, gaming, lodgings, entertainment, and retail.”

SilverSun Resorts CEO Riki Hakonen announced that plans for Apex Resort included:

  • Fifteen hotels, ranging from a pod hotel to Six Corsuca Gem luxury.
  • A multipurpose stadium and arena, capable of hosting sporting events, performances, concerts and other large events.
  • A pleasure garden.
  • Dozens of restaurants, lounges, cafés, nightclubs and bars.
  • Casinos, from decicred slots to high stakes sabacc.
  • An extensive shopping mall complex.
  • Multi-species spa.
  • Ten theatres.
  • An art gallery and sculpture park.
  • Zero-G activity sphere.
  • Zoo and aquarium.

The Loronar Corporation’s Corporate Security & Intelligence Directorate is creating a special subdivision to protect the resort and its guests.

“We understand that there is only one thing that matters when designing our resorts,” said Ms. Hakonen. “It can be summed up in two words: guest experience. We could spend millions on fine decor and luxurious surroundings, but this does not guarantee success. Our facilities are geared towards giving our guests an experience like no other from the moment that they arrive.”

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Year 19 Day 60 – Corporate Board Address Instability in Mondress Sector

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS, MONDRESS — The Loronar Corporation’s Corporate Board met today at the Mondress Headquarters campus to discuss the recent events in the Hevvrol and Mondress Sectors and their impact on Loronar Corporation. While Loronar had located its headquarters at Mondress in part due to financial and other incentives promised by the former Confederacy of Independent Systems government, the political tensions in the region dissolved into chaos and military conflict in recent weeks as the Red Fury Brotherhood overthrew the local and regional official CIS administrations and supplanted it with a new government called the Hevvrol Federation.

Following the Corporate Board meeting, the Corporate Board, represented by President Thrane Blis, Vice President Bjaco Acker, and Executive Vice President Xior Sorath, called for a town hall-style meeting in the Meridian Theatre at Loronar Headquarters. In this meeting, employees were encouraged to ask questions about the Corporation as a whole and in particular in regards to the current political situation in the Mondress Sector and surrounding region. The town hall meeting was later recorded and distributed across Loronar Corporation in a company-wide holomail.

While there were many questions in the town hall meeting, which ran for approximately two hours, three questions in particular stood out and are transcribed in this announcement below.

Benjamin Plaske, a marketing representative, asked, “What about rumors of human rights violations that have occurred in this transition? Are they true and if so how will Loronar address it?”

Vice President Acker responded, “Civil rights violations are deplorable. Whilst there is always some disruption in any hostile transition, I am in regular contact with several watchdog organisations – including the CWM, the MUOE and the MPWU – and they have not raised any major violations.

“Moving on, I would like to announce that shortly before the transition began, Loronar acquired the city maintenance and redevelopment contract for Borealis city here on Mondress. The Loronar Foundation, in partnership with Loronar Medical, has established an emergency relief camp next to the hospital, where we are also providing free medical assistance until civil order is completely restored.”

Svi Violet, a senior production manager, asked, “Will this have any impact on our operations here? Will we be closed/miss work/etc. Will our production facilities at Mondress be shut down?”

Executive Vice President Sorath replied, “We anticipate that the impact on Loronar’s operations at Mondress will be minimal. At my direction, the Corporate Security and Intelligence Directorate has undertaken a number of preliminary analyses of the current situation and likely future developments, and additional units have been deployed to protect our shipping and transit operations to keep the production facilities running. Our business continuity plans are ready to be invoked at any time, and local line management will keep employees informed of any information directly relevant to their site.”

Siv Vvilks, a researcher in the legal department, asked, “Are we safe? I feel like we aren’t safe, can we trust this new

LCS Loronari on patrol

‘Hevvrol Federation?'”

President Blis answered this question, stating “Well, safety of our employees has always been our highest priority. I think that goes without saying, really, as we have the safety record to back that up. We truly do think of our company as our second family; it’s our Loronar family. With that said, our senior leadership has been to work every day during this instability and will continue to be. In addition, I have personally been in communication with Siejo Kutol as well as Echuu Shen-Jon, the leaders of the Hevvrol Federation, and I have their assurances that the dust has more or less settled at this point.

“In fact,” Thrane pulled out a datapad, “I told Mr. Kutol that we were having this meeting today and asked him to prepare a short statement for you all. This is what he wanted you to know — he said, ‘After being elected Chair of Kutol-Chan Industrial, my first action was to reassure our allies that business should progress as usual. In regards to Loronar, I personally reached out to President/CEO Blis to reiterate our desire to continue our close business relationship.’

Thrane put the datapad away. “So this has been a rather longwinded way to say that we are in close communication with the leaders of the Hevvrol Federation and if we feel there is any possibility of a safety issue here on campus or at any of our production facilities here, we will take action to protect our Loronar family. According to all accounts however, this has been a move largely embraced by the citizenry here, and the Hevvrol Federation is clearly values our partnership, so we don’t anticipate any further issues or any threat to our Loronar family at this time.”

The full recording of the town hall meeting can be found in the company-wide holomail distributed earlier today, and will be uploaded to the Loronar Corporation holosite later this week.

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Bruin & Associates Hosts IJA Galactic Summit on Legal Rights of Street Children

As part of Bruin & Associates’ ongoing efforts to give a voice to street children around the galaxy, the Firm partnered with the Interstellar Justice Association (IJA) to host the Galactic Summit on the Legal Rights of Street-Connected Children and Youth in Coronet City, Corellia last week. This Summit will build on legislative advocacy efforts begun at the IJA Summit on the Legal Needs of Street Youth convened by last year on Coruscant.

The Summit was held at the Coronet City branch of Bruin and Associates, and brought together more than 1,000 international academics, advocates, lawyers and government officials. The gathering focused on developing strategies to implement Resolution 1125a, “Children in Street Situations,” a recent resolution passed by a majority of the IJA’s member organizations. The resolution’s goals are to make available legal advice to governments and territorial administrations around the galaxy on how to ensure that street connected children have access to the same rights as all children.

“Bruin & Associates has a sustained commitment to supporting the legal rights of children who live, work and depend on the street to survive, and so we were very proud to be involved in this significant galactic gathering,” said Dean Baker, the Firm’s Pro Bono Partner who serves as Chair of the IJA’s Advisory Council on Homeless and Street Children. “This Summit helped us move from paper to practice — identifying concrete steps that countries can take to implement IJA Resolution 1125a.”

Street Child “Tam” from Coronet City

Bruin & Associates’ involvement with the IJA Summit is a continuation of the Firm’s extensive pro bono work realizing the rights of street children around the galaxy. For example, last year Bruin & Associates partnered with the Consortium for Street Children (CSC), a galactic network that promotes the rights of street children, to arrange a series of consultations that reached approximately 1,000,000 children around the galaxy. These consultation events provided a unique opportunity for children who depend on the streets to be at the center of developing IJA Resolution 1125a.

In addition, the Firm recently partnered again with the CSC, as well as in-house legal teams from eight galactic corporations, to develop an online “Legal Atlas for Street Children” tracking tool. This has involved “mapping” the existence of laws, policies and procedures in various governments and territorial administrations to help them to learn from each other, measure their own efforts and better devise ways to meet the expectations set forth by the IJA Resolution.

Bruin & Associates Chairman, Jeremy Bruin

“Street children are often perceived as a hard-to-reach group and are frequently made invisible in policy agendas,” said Jeremy Bruin, current Chairman of Bruin & Associates. “Giving a voice to this vulnerable population is an integral part of our pro bono strategy, and the IJA Summit made meaningful progress in developing concrete strategies governments and other organizations can use to protect the rights of these children. This has been made possible in part by significant contributions from the Loronar Foundation, which is doing some amazing things for the disadvantaged and underprivileged in the galaxy.”

While estimates very widely, there are at least two trillion street-connected children in the galaxy according to the Interstellar Children’s Aid Fund, and increasingly younger children are affected. They experience violence, stigma and discrimination, and are often unable to access food, clean water, shelter, healthcare and basic services. They have no influential lobby groups, spokespeople or media profile — until now.

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Star Access, Inc. Opens New Fuel Development Facility

Deep Space — Star Access Incorporated, a subsidiary of the Plexgrove Combine, has announced the opening of a space-based fuel development facility as part of its plans for expansion.

“We have sited this facility at a strategic point close to an asteroid field and a large nebula to enable us to use the minerals and gasses found locally in our fuel research,” said the Chief Research Officer, Mordayan Whyte.

Star Access Research Station Mimir

“Initial studies have shown that some common fuels, such as rhydonium, can be used alongside gaseous fuels such as clouzon-36 and its derivatives to improve efficiency and stability. We are keen to exploit these new discoveries with this state-of-the-art facility.”

The facility has been named Research Station Mimir after the ancient Corellian goddess of knowledge.

RS Mimir was officially opened by Executive Director Viv Henders, the Loronar Corporation’s Chief Technology Officer and member of the Corporate Board.

“It is a great honour to be here to bear witness to Star Access’s bold step forward in the field of fuel technology,” said Ms Henders after the official opening ceremony. “The impact of the research being carried out at this facility will be felt across the Galaxy. I am always very keen for the Loronar family of companies to push the boundaries of knowledge, and this exciting new station will support that goal.”

Ms Henders and Mr Whyte were given a tour of the station by the Chief Administrator. They met some of the company’s key research staff and were shown prototype fuel cells during their visit.

Star Access also announced that planetary hypermatter generation research was reaching an important phase, sending share prices to a sixteen month high at close of trading on the Galactic Stock Exchange.

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Year 18 Day 324 – Plexgrove Combine Acquires Star Access

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS — Loronar Corporation subsidiary Plexgrove Combine Inc. (GSE: PCI) is acquiring Star Access, Incorporated (GSE: SAI.P), a leading non-asset based third party logistics provider to the hypermatter and rhydonium industries, from Galactic Capital Partners, Inc. Maleeki Zaderai, Chairman and CEO of Plexgrove Combine, Inc. said, “Star Access Inc. is a high quality business with consistently strong financial performance that fits well within PCI. We are delighted to partner with G’rsa Sias, CEO, and its current management team.”

Plexgrove Combine CEO Maleeki Zaderai

“The Star Access team is excited to join the Plexgrove Combine’s family of businesses,” commented G’rsa Sias, Chief Executive Officer of Star Access Inc.

“We are very pleased to have worked with G’rsa Sias and his management team to grow the business over the past seven years,” said Rex Himasi, a Principal in Galactic Capital Partners’ Specialty Industrials practice. “During our partnership we entered new markets and expanded into further service lines through organic initiatives and acquisitions. Star Access is a great fit with the Plexgrove Combine and we wish them further success.”

Loronar Corporation COO Xior Sorath

“Star Access is built on a longstanding tradition of excellence and an unrivaled commitment to serving the galaxy’s fuel industries.” said Xior Sorath, Vice President and COO of PCI parent company Loronar Corporation. “G’rsa Sias and his team have created an industry leader and a key enabler of the galaxy’s economy. SAI has a smart growth strategy in place and we look forward to a partnership that supports their industry for years to come. I have the utmost confidence in Maleeki’s ability to partner effectively with G’rsa in the coming days to manage the transition.”

About Plexgrove Combine Inc.:

The Plexgrove Combine and its subsidiaries engage in diverse business activities including property and casualty insurance and reinsurance, utilities and energy, freight transportation, finance, manufacturing, retailing and services. Plexgrove Combine Inc’s common stock is listed on the Galactic Stock Exchange, trading symbol PCI.

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Year 18 Day 311 — Loronar Starways to Add New Cruise Ship

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS, MONDRESS SECTOR – Loronar Starways, one of the galaxy’s largest travel companies focusing primarily on leisure and tourist ventures, today announced at a joint press conference with parent company Loronar Corporation and sister company Loronar Fleet Systems that it has signed a memorandum of agreement with Strabin Sector authorities to build and commission a new cruise ship for the company’s iconic leisure travel portfolio that will visit the Sector’s most thrilling sights, including the closely monitored Metharian Nebula, for at least a decade.

The five hundred meter long cruise ship will be built at a deep space production node of sister company Loronar Fleet Systems, with an expected delivery date later this year. The as-yet-unnamed ship will join the Zenith, Delight, and Fidelity as the fourth member of the Castle-three class fleet, marking the first time in some years that the luxury cruise brand will have four ships of that size in simultaneous service.

The new cruise ship will be the 1,249th ship to fly the Loronar Starways flag since the company’s acquisition by parent company Loronar Corporation almost two decades ago. Loronar Starways will announce additional details about the new ship when it is officially commissioned next month.

With this new ship agreement, Loronar Starways now has 18 new ships scheduled to be delivered to its portfolio of leading galactic cruise brands within the next two years.

Reia Suzix, COO, Loronar Starways & Thrane Blis, CEO, Loronar Corporation

“We are very pleased to announce a fourth Castle-3 class ship for our immensely popular Starways fleet, which by the way is also one of the most legendary brands in the entire vacation industry,” said Thrane Blis, CEO of Loronar Corporation. “Loronar Starways offers a fleet of unrivaled vessels and one of the most unique travel experiences in the galaxy, which together create an enchanting and memorable vacation for their guests. While today’s news helps drive Loronar Starway’s overall strategic growth plans, we also look forward to launching this next-generation cruise ship to help meet increasing galactic demand and entice even more travelers to explore the Starways experience.”

Reia Suzix, COO of Loronar Starways, added: “Fleet enhancement is an important part of our ongoing goal to exceed guest expectations. This includes replacing less efficient ships with more efficient vessels over time as part of our managed capacity growth.”

Donovan Bono, COO of Loronar Fleet Systems, concluded: “In fact, we have built 863 ships for Loronar Starways, representing today almost two-thirds of the company’s current fleet, with eighteen more ships to come in the next two years. This is a cooperation which can be defined as historical, based on relationships of mutual respect and trust.”

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Year 18 Day 295 – Sennem Environmental Services Restores Halcatta Wetlands

Sennem Environtmental Services, in partnership with the Ksift planetary government, issued a press release Year 18 Day 295 announcing that the Halcatta Wetlands restoration project on Ksift has been completed.

The Halcatta Wetlands is a 1500-acre area in the Din continent on the planet of Ksift in the Outer Rim territories. This wetland, near a major river confluence at that world’s largest freshwater sea, is one of many wetlands that ringed Halcatta Harbor before offworld logging companies transformed it into an industrial port and center of operations.

Before the logging companies arrived, natural grasses in the lower river deltas were so abundant that some explorers struggled to find the actual river channel, according to some published reports. When the companies were forced offworld, they left their mills and processing factories in an unsafe condition, which eventually caused a massive fire that spread quickly and was uncontainable by modern methods — remnants of some mills still poked above the water. The mills and processing factories left another lasting reminder of logging operations in the bay: tons of timber and layers of soggy wood waste, up to 16-feet-deep in some areas, tragically suffocated fish and wildlife.

Sennem Environmental Services (a subsidiary of the Loronar Corporation) was contracted to clean up the Wetlands and restore the natural habitat. To make the wetland suitable again for local wildlife, Sennem crews used heavy equipment to remove tons of soggy wood waste and restore natural channels. Workers then reseeded the marsh by tossing bags of rocks laced with seeds into the water, where they sank to the bottom and could be tended to by aquatic droid crews. Crews also re-planted native trees and other brush. The site is now home to dozens of species of wildlife that had previously deserted the polluted area.

While the total cost of project to the Ksift government was not disclosed, Dr. Erka Illip (Sennem CEO) said in a comment to local leaders that the greatest reward was seeing the natural habitat restored.

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Year 18 Day 279 – Loronar Foundation To Open Academies On Sembla

SEMBLA, SERTAR SECTOR — With Sembla becoming the newest planet to be welcomed into the Galactic community, the Loronar Foundation has announced that it intends to fund the creation of an academy system on the planet.

“It is our duty to welcome the people of Sembla to the Galaxy, and to provide whatever support and assistance that we can to allow them to develop,” said the Foundation’s Secretary-General, Dr. Korzin. “This is a critical time in the development of the Vurk species, and we look forward to supporting them and allowing them to grow.”

The academy system will provide a wide-ranging curriculum to younglings and adults alike, bringing them up to speed on a wide array of subjects, including Galactic history, language and communication, and technology.

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Year 18 Day 266 – Galactic Health Organization Awards Major Research Contract To Loronar Medical

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS, MONDRESS SECTOR – Loronar Medical has been awarded a major research and development contract by the Galactic Health Organization (GHO). The research, known as the Disease Control Initiative, is intended to support the GHO when responding to Galaxy-wide pandemics, will take place primarily at Loronar Medical’s Omega Ranch facility.

“This research will help us to understand how galactic pandemics begin, and the conditions needed for them to spread. It will involve extensive research into historical incidents, as well as considering what kinds of future pandemics may occur,” said Prof. Themor Talerrsson, Loronar Medical’s chairman, speaking at a joint press conference with the GHO’s Director of Research & Development, Porik M’ktal.

“Awarding this contract to Loronar Medical is a clear demonstration of the GHO’s confidence in the company,” said Ms. M’ktal.

Loronar Medical specialises in pharmaceuticals, cybernetics, biotechnology and research into related areas.


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Year 18 Day 255 – Loronar to Acquire Mako Weapons Systems, Ltd.

LORONAR HQ, MONDRESS – An internal holomail from Thrane Blis, Loronar Corporation President and CEO, was distributed across the company this morning at eight o’clock (HQST). The message stated that Loronar has entered into an agreement to acquire Mako Weapons Systems, Ltd in order to grow the arms and armor manufacturing capabilities of its arms manufacturing subsidiary, Loronar Defense Industries. MWS is a market leader in blaster weaponry sales, research, and development, in addition to recently developing their new Triton© heavy laser system.

“With Mako Weapons Systems’ innovative technology and Loronar’s leading manufacturing capability and strong customer base, we are helping our customers address defense and security challenges in ways that make existing defense and security platforms smarter, our customers’ missions safer and their operations more efficient,” said Thrane in the holomail.

Just two years ago, Loronar and Mako entered into a teaming agreement resulting in extensive integration on LDI’s SHARC© missile system. The SHARC, integrated with Mako’s advanced sensors, increased the combat efficiency of LDI’s concussion missile capabilities in various manned and unmanned spacecraft.

Mako Weapons Systems has recently announced the completion of the TRITON laser system, which features — among many improvements — a revolutionary new cooling system for ship-mounted lasers and turbolasers. With more than 1 million test hours completed, the TRITON laser’s capabilities address some of the many challenges facing defense and security customers.

“I am proud of our team, culture, and relentless commitment to designing the best defense and security hardware in the industry,” said Grayson Gibbs, President and CEO of Mako Weapons Systems. “This acquisition allows us to leverage the strengths of one of the galaxy’s leading intergalactic companies while continuing to push our innovation to new levels.”

Mako Weapons Systems has approximately 3.2 million employees, operating primarily in the coreward sectors of the galaxy. The company will become a subsidiary of Loronar Defense Industries, operating under its current business model and reporting to Gavyn Connor, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Loronar Defense Industries. The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. Completion of the transaction is subject to satisfaction of customary closing conditions.

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