Year 20 Day 77 – Loronar Corporation acquires Bank of the Core

  CORE HEADQUARTERS, LORONAR CAMPUS — The Corporate Board of the Loronar Corporation has approved a takeover deal with the Bank of the Core, one of the Galaxy’s most prestigious banking and financial institutions. The agreement, the details of which remain confidential, comes into effect at midnight Galactic Standard Time. President Thrane Blis, CEO of the Loronar Corporation, welcomed news […]

Year 19 Day 230 – Loronar Corporation Acquires TranStar Construction as Part of Deal to Gain Megaproject in Outer Rim

OUTER RIM TERRITORIES —  Thrane Blis, President & CEO of Loronar Corporation (GSE: LOR) announced today that the Corporation had signed a major contract with Confederate Remnant Partner, Kutol-Chan Industries, to provide construction and city development and administration services on [redacted], a war-torn planet in the Outer Rim. The contract for what has been called a “megaproject” by local media outlets […]

Year 19 Day 200 – Corporate Board Congratulates CSID on Capture of Criminal Leader

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS, MONDRESS — The Corporate Board met today at Loronar Corporation’s Mondress Headquarters facility to recognize Executive Director Augustus Finch and Director Nia Sardos of Loronar’s Corporate Security and Intelligence Directorate (CSID). While Executive Director Finch has operational responsibilty for the whole of CSID, Director Sardos leads the External Operations subunit of CSID, which is charged with creating and maintaining […]

Year 19 Day 180 – Loronar Medical Donates Equipment to University of Commenor

In a joint press release with the University of Commenor, Loronar Medical announced today a multi-million credit donation of cutting edge medical supplies and equipment to the University of Commenor’s medical training center. The donation package also includes a full-time medical technology expert who will work with University professors and maintenance personnel to ensure the equipment remains functional in the […]

Year 19 Day 152 – Kaplex Board Approves Oversight Agreement

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS, MONDRESS — The board of directors of Kaplex Transit & Logistics have accepted an indefinite oversight agreement with the Loronar Corporation. Kaplex, which borrowed heavily from the Loronar Corporation last year, has been unable to repay its debts in accordance with the agreed payment schedule. President Thrane Blis, Chief Executive Officer of the Loronar Corporation, dispatched Bjaco Acker, […]

Year 19 Day 130 – Loronar Corporation Joins Confederate Remnant

YEAR 19 Day 130 – LORONAR HEADQUARTERS, MONDRESS  The following prepared statement was released to major galactic news outlets as well as all Loronar Corporation and subsidiary employees as of 7:00 a.m. local time on Year 19, Day 130.   As all are aware, there has been much political and economic turbulence in the Mondress Sector and the greater spinward […]

Year 19 Day 121 – Loronar Corporation Honors Graduates Of The Loronar Fleet Systems Apprentice School

YEAR 19 DAY 121 – LORONAR HEADQUARTERS — Loronar Corportation (GSE:LOR) hosted commencement exercises yesterday evening for 1,148 graduates of the company’s Apprentice School at Loronar Fleet Systems. The ceremony was held in the Meridian Theatre, in the Loronar headquarters facility on Mondress. Vice President Bjaco Acker was in attendance representing the Loronar Corporate Board, and personally extended congratulations to […]

Year 19 Day 118 – Corporate Board Congratulates Loronar Leadership Team On One Year Anniversary

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS, MONDRESS – In an extraordinary session called to mark the one year anniversary of President Thrane Blis’s appointment as the Loronar Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, the Corporate Board offered its congratulations to President Blis and his C-Level leadership team. “The last year has been the most successful in the corporation’s history, and it is in no small part […]

Core Expansion: New Facilities Announcement

FROM THE DESK OF THE CEO YEAR 19 DAY 105 To Our Valued Business Partners: At Loronar, we are committed to investing in process improvements that will benefit and support our valued partners. Due to the growing demand of our galactic business and the drive to provide the most efficient and cost-effective services possible, Loronar is pleased to announce the […]