The Banking Code sets out the terms and conditions under which the Bank of the Core does business.

1. Application of the Banking Code

1.1.  The Banking Code (‘the code’) set out in this document shall apply to all individuals and organisations who use or purchase services and/or products (‘the client’) provided by the Bank of the Core (‘the bank’).

1.2. For accounts in which there are two or more individuals or organisations with a degree of access, the code shall apply to everyone named, together and individually.

1.3. The bank reserves the right to amend this code in whole or in part, at any time.

1.4. Unless it would be inconsistent to do so, words and phrases used in this document should be construed so the singular includes the plural and the plural includes the singular as appropriate.



2. Breaking the Agreement

2.1. The terms and conditions set out in this document may be departed from only with the consent of the Chairman of the Bank of the Core, or of the President of the Loronar Corporation.

2.2. The Bank of the Core reserves the right to take any and all steps that it deems necessary to protect its assets, personnel and reputation should any damage or loss occur as a result of this code being breached by anyone party to them.

2.3. If a client breaches this code and is a citizen of a recognised galactic government, the bank reserves the right to seek redress via that government’s legal system if appropriate, and to recover costs and other amounts owed as necessary. The bank also reserves the right to utilise to other means.

2.4. The Bank of the Core reserves the right to refuse to provide any product or service to anyone, at any time, for any reason. It is not necessary for the bank to provide a reason, unless the bank chooses to do so.



3. Creating an Account

3.1. An account may be created by any being (either as a private individual or an individual on behalf of a non-faction group) or an active, recognised faction. Accounts may be created using the Account Registration holosite service. The being or organisation that created the account shall become the account holder. In the case of a non-faction group, the being who registers the account shall become the account holder on behalf of the group.

3.2. All accounts must be registered to an active, living player character or solvent faction in the SWCombine Darkness client. Accounts cannot be created for player characters that are banned or suspended. Accounts may only be created by the character who will become the account holder. Accounts cannot be registered on behalf of another individual.

3.3. By creating an account with the Bank of the Core, and/or by using a service provided by the bank, the client agrees to be bound by this code in its entirety.

3.4. When creating an account, the client agrees to provide all required information in a wholly accurate and complete manner. Any account created using false or misleading information may be closed without notice, and any associated assets may be seized by the bank. The bank may validate the information provided to it to ensure it has a reasonable assurance of the prospective client’s identity. The bank may contact the prospective client for additional information. If an account is funded before the bank verifies a prospective client’s information, the prospective client may not have access to their funds until the account is created. If the bank is not able to verify a prospective client’s identity to its satisfaction, the bank will not open the account or may close the account if it was previously funded.

3.5. If more than one being’s name appears in the title of an account without a fiduciary, beneficiary or other designation, then the account is a joint account. All beings whose names appear on the account are co-holders of the account, regardless of whose money is deposited in the account. Each co-holder acts as the agent of each other co-holder. Each co-holder authorizes each other co-holder to operate the account without the consent or approval of any other co-holder. The bank may act and rely on the instructions of one co-holder without liability to any other co-holder. Each co-holder is jointly and severally liable to the bank for all fees, charges and other amounts owed on, and all costs, losses and liabilities related to, this code or the account.

All joint accounts are presumed to be joint accounts with the right of survivorship, unless the bank has agreed with the client in writing that the account is owned in another capacity. Right of survivorship means that when a co-holder dies, the funds in the account belongs to the surviving co-holder(s), subject to the bank’s right to charge the account for any amount the deceased co-holder or a surviving co-holder owes.

3.6. The client agrees to keep their personal details up-to-date, and will notify the bank of any changes in a timely manner. All updated details must be wholly accurate and complete. Any account that uses false or misleading information may be frozen or closed without notice, and associated assets may be seized by the bank.

3.7. When an account is created, the bank shall issue an account number and an authorisation code to the client via a Darkness Message. It is the responsibility of the client to keep these details safe, as they will grant anyone in possession of these details full and complete access to the account. The bank cannot be held liable for any loss or damage caused to the client as a result of the client disclosing their details to another, either purposefully or accidentally.

3.8. When the account number and authorisation code are provided to the client, the bank shall also provide an account access node, in the form of a single unit of vertex, as an additional security and verification measure. This will be owned by the account holder whilst the account is open, but physical custody of the node will be retained by the Bank of the Core in a secure facility. The client must not alter or amend the name of the vertex. The client must ensure that they retain ownership of the vertex at all times, and must not transfer it to any other party or dispose of it in any other way. If the client changes the name or ownership of the vertex, the account will be frozen until such time as the client can recover ownership of the vertex or reverts the vertex back to its original name (as applicable). If the account remains frozen by virtue of this section for 90 days, all assets associated with the account shall be forfeited by the client. The client must return the account access node if the account is closed.

3.9. The client agrees to pay to the bank any charges or fees or other amounts owed as applicable to the type of account or service that they utilize. If the client fails or refuses to do so, the bank may remove the amounts owed from any assets that it holds on behalf of the client, or may recover any owed fees or charges by other means. The bank reserves the right to take measures against clients who persistently fail to pay charges or fees, including withdrawal of services and seizure of assets.

3.10. The bank shall clearly set out the fees and charges associated with each account or service. If these are to change, the bank shall give all clients a minimum of 14 days’ notice before any new fee levels are introduced.

3.11. The account holder may designate an individual or faction as a beneficiary. There may be only one beneficiary attached to each account. In the event of the death of the account holder, the beneficiary shall become the account holder and shall inherit all assets associated with the account. They shall also become liable for any fees or charges, including debts, associated with the account. The beneficiary must be designated whilst the account holder is alive and has capacity to do so (i.e. is not banned from SWC). The beneficiary must be an active player character or solvent faction in the SWCombine Darkness client at the time that they are nominated. The beneficiary must provide to the bank proof that the account holder is deceased. The bank reserves the right to freeze the account if this cannot be proven beyond doubt, and to seize the account if anyone attempts to fraudulently claim an account. Accounts that are unclaimed for 90 days or more may be seized by the bank, and all associated assets forfeit.

Important Note
Clients are also reminded of the SWCombine rules on asset laundering, which can be found at: Clients must not use their account to circumvent the SWCombine rules. Any attempt to do so will result in the matter being referred to the SWCombine Administration, and all of the client’s assets held by the bank being forfeit.

3.12. If an account holder dies and no beneficiary has been designated, the assets associated with the account shall be forfeit.

3.13. If an account holder is permanently incapacitated (i.e. permanently banned from SWC), the assets associated with the account shall be forfeit.

3.14. If the account holder is temporarily incapacitated (i.e. temporarily banned from SWC), the assets associated with the account shall be frozen until the account holder regains capacity.

3.15. If an account fails to meet the minimum requirements (for example, the funding level in the account falls below the specified minimum), the bank reserves the right to change the type of account.



4. Privacy and Security

4.1. Under no circumstances will the bank disclose the existence (or otherwise) of an account, or any details associated with an account, to any third party, except to the account holder and any individuals or groups specifically designated by the account holder, or to individuals or groups to whom the account holder has instructed the bank to make a payment. The sole exception shall be account holders of numbered accounts. In these cases, details of the account holder shall not be disclosed to individuals or groups to whom the account holder wishes to make a payment. The provisions of this section are waived if a client fails to pay to the bank any applicable charges or fees.

4.2. It is the responsibility of the client to keep their authorisation code secure. The bank accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused as a result of a client failing to secure their authorisation code or other details.

4.3. The bank will process any valid client instruction without question, and accepts no liability in this regard.

4.4. Account holders may request a new authorisation code at any time for their account. Any previous authorisation code will then become null and void, and cannot be used to gain access to the account.

4.5. Employees of the bank shall not disclose any information to which they become aware of through their role at the bank, either during the time that they are employed by the bank or after they leave the employment of the bank.

4.6. The bank reserves the right to freeze an account, or take other appropriate actions, if there are security concerns, so as to protect the interests of both the client and the bank.



5. Accessing an Account

5.1. The account holder shall have unrestricted power to access the account, including depositing funds, withdrawing funds, and closing the account.

5.2. The account holder may request that a transaction key is provided for their account. A transaction key can be provided by the account holder to any other being or organisation, and allows a third party to deposit funds directly into the account without having any other access to the account.

5.3. The bank will provide statements to the account holders from time to time. The account holder may request a record of the balance in a bank account at any time by contacting an officer of the bank.

5.4. Accounts may be accessed by contacting an officer of the bank, or by utilising the Client Instructions holoform.



6. Closing an Account

6.1. The account holder must communicate their wish to close their account via a Darkness message to an officer of the bank.

6.2. The bank reserves the right to perform security checks before closing an account.

6.3. The account holder must ensure that the account access node (unit of vertex) is returned to the bank before an account closure is processed.

6.4. Upon closure of an account, the bank shall return all funds in the account to the account holder, less any fees or charges owed to the bank.



7. Services

7.1. The bank may offer a variety of services to its clients. It is not necessary for a client to hold an account with the bank to utilise these services, unless otherwise specified.

7.2. Services may be utilised by contacting an officer of the bank.

7.3. Clients wishing to utilise the proxy purchasing service agree to provide all necessary funds and instructions to the bank in advance of the purchase, and further agree to forfeit any feedback on the trade or purchase.