Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an account?

Simply take a look at our Accounts, choose the one that suits your needs, and visit the Account Registration page.


How do I close an account?

Send a Darkness message to Xior Sorath or Bjaco Acker, providing the following details:

  • Account number
  • Authorisation code
  • Confirmation that you wish to close your account.

You must then return your account access node (unit of vertex) to the bank’s ownership. When this has been completed, your account will be closed and any balance remaining will be returned to you, minus any fees or charges owed to the bank.


How do I deposit credits into my account?

Complete the Client Instructions form and send over the corresponding credits to the Bank of the Core. You will receive a Darkness message to confirm the transfer, and provide an updated balance.


How do I withdraw credits from my account, or make a payment to another person or faction?

Complete the Client Instructions form and, if the credits are to be sent to a third party, ensure that you include their exact Darkness handle and the amount to be paid. If you have a numbered account or a private account, you may request that a payment is made anonymously.


Why do I need an account access node?

This is the bank’s way of verifying that a character is alive and has capacity to issue instructions. It is very important that you do not rename the access node, or make it over to anyone else. If you do so your account will be frozen until you can recover it, or until you rename the node to its original name. If your account is frozen for 90 days, your account will be closed and any balance will be forfeit.


How do I allow others to deposit or withdraw funds from my account?

You may appoint others to become co-holders of an account. This means that they will be able to deposit or withdraw credits. You can limit access to deposit only (e.g. to allow your clients to pay monies directly into your account) by requesting a transaction key. The transaction key can be provided to any third party to allow them to deposit funds into your account, but will not give them any other kind of access. To add or remove co-account holders, or to request a transaction key, please send a Darkness message to Xior Sorath or Bjaco Acker.


How do I access other products and services offered by the Bank of the Core?

Visit out Financial and Trading Services page and contact Xior Sorath or Bjaco Acker.