Loronar Corporation has five distinct departments, and we are currently accepting applications for all of them. Below, potential applicants can peruse a brief description of each department and typical job duties for entry level jobs in that functional area.


Employees in the Corporate Security department are tasked with keeping Corporate assets safe from both internal and external security threats. Due to the extremely varied nature and locations of assets owned by Loronar, a wide range of specialists are utilized to protect the Corporation's interests. This department also includes the Corporate Security Intelligence Directorate, a highly sensitive department open only to internal promotion.

Duties for entry level employees include: Maintaining security of Loronar facilities around the galaxy to varying degrees, utilizing military-grade starships, ground vehicles, and arms. Scanning, scouting, hunting. General logistics work to support the organization.


The Corporate Logistics department is one of Loronar's largest and most active departments. Employees in this department are tasked with ensuring that construction and production projects are undertaken on-schedule across the galaxy. Due to the competitive nature of logistics work across the galaxy, entry level rank/pay is also higher in this department than in others.

Duties include:
Picking up and transporting ships, picking up and transporting materials, starting production. General logistics work to support the organization.


The Site Management department at Loronar is one of the smallest departments in the organization, but partners closely with each of the other key departments. Site Managers at all levels are tasked with managing key production and construction projects across the galaxy, which requires individuals with excellent attention to detail as well as exceptional planning and organizational skills.

Duties include:
Under supervision from executive leadership, creating and executing short and long term production plans using corporate procedures and tools (i.e. spreadsheets), starting production. General logistics work to support the organization.


The Corporate Administration department is a "catch-all" department for professionals who work within Loronar's corporate structure to support the organization. This department includes such varied sub-departments as research and development, sentient resources, sales, and other such focus areas.

Duties include:
Specific duties depend on sub-department, but generally include logistics work in down-time when not focused on specific corporate projects.


The Social Capital Administration department is focused on administrating Loronar's company towns and other territories across the galaxy. As Loronar has grown to become a galaxy-spanning organization with multiple subsidiaries and interests, it has also come to effectively control territory around the galaxy. This territory control has necessitated the implementation of local governance among some communities of Loronar employees and other sentients.

Duties include:
Construction of facilities, city/planet design and engineering, governance of local sentients. General logistics work to support the organization.