(OOC Recruitment Message)


Loronar, in its current incarnation as a manufacturing faction in SWC, was founded approximately a year ago by Thrane Blis. Thrane's vision was to create a neutral faction focused on actively building and selling starships, vehicles, and other items to the general public, rather than simply renting datacards or other passive activities. Since the faction was founded, our leadership team has doubled and then tripled Loronar's production capacity. Consequently, we need active and engaged individuals that want to help us continue to grow even more. We are perfectly willing to mentor new players (see mentorship program below) as much as we are happy to hang out with veterans. There is a place for everyone in Loronar no matter what career path you want to pursue! Please view Loronar's departments and ranks pages for more information about potential career paths at Loronar.

To join Loronar's team, please reach out to us for a chat -- join us on Discord at https://discord.gg/MC4wZsg or alternatively, feel free to request access to the Loronar forums. You can also reach out to Thrane Blis, Bjaco Acker, or Xior Sorath via DM within SWC's client at any time. Our core group has been part of Star Wars RPGs and other games for over a decade now, so we enjoy discussing those topics, as well as general SWC topics.

Mentorship Program for New Players

New players that join Loronar are assigned to one of our three active Corporate Boardmembers -- Thrane Blis, Xior Sorath, or Bjaco Acker. The mentor's responsibility is to direct the new player and help them learn SWC's systems, as well as be available to answer any questions the new player may have. After being "apprenticed" to the mentor for sixty days, the new player will receive a new ship and assignment. New players will receive full salary during the mentorship phase!

This program is great because new players do not have to sit through boring academy classes or other training programs. We believe the best way to learn is by doing, so "on the job training" under direction of a mentor is our standard operating procedure.