Loronar Fleet Systems (LFS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Loronar Corporation and essentially functions as one of Loronar's primary business units, along with Loronar Defense Industries and Loronar Production Solutions. LFS produces Loronar-branded starships at production facilities across the galaxy.

Loronar's Trade Federation Market Listings

Below are some of the ships we offer on a varying basis. For in-stock information, please see our current Trade Federation Market listings, or contact a member of our Executive Leadership team.

These are guide prices for made to order ships. We have multiple production locations, mostly located in galactic north, with favourable travel times to the core, coreward and west regions.

Starfighters & Light Freighters

Toscan 8-Q Starfighter
1x - 850,000cr
12x - 8,500,000cr

T-wing Interceptor
1x - 850,000cr
12x - 8,500,000cr

Aurek-class Tactical Strikefighter
1x - 800,000cr
12x - 8,000,000cr

R-41 Starchaser
1x - 900,000cr
12x - 9,000,000cr

BTL-S3 Y-wing Starfighter
1x - 1,500,000cr
12x - 15,000,000cr

XC-01 Star Saber MK I
1x - 900,000cr
12x - 9,000,000cr

N-1 Starfighter
1x - 750,000cr
12x - 7,500,000cr

J-Type 327
1x - 6,000,000cr
3x - 16,000,000cr
Heavy Freighters & Capital Starships

BFF-1 Bulk Freighter

EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate*

Arquitens-class Light Cruiser

M-class Luxury Liner*

Hammerhead-class Cruiser

Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser*

Corona-class Frigate

Lictor-class Dungeon Ship*

1. Note that products marked with an asterisk (*) may only be available in limited quantities, depending upon the surplus of production capabilities for ships 350m+ in length and due to the length of production time for these vessels. Make sure to inquire first.

2. Initial payment will cover the cost of RMs and must be made upfront. The remainder will be due upon makeover of the ship, which will occur as soon as production has finished and the ship has been moved to a delivery location. If due to some unforeseen circumstance the ship is not completed, Loronar will issue a full refund.

3. We can arrange delivery either through our own logistics personnel or via a third party if needed -- in this case, makeover would be delayed until the ship has been successfully delivered.

4. We may be able to negotiate the datacard purchase of ship classes not listed -- please inquire if you are interested in a specific class that is not listed. Obviously, we can produce any ship class with publicly traded datacards. In addition, if you can arrange purchase of a restricted datacard (ie. if you are a member of an organization that owns the datacards and they approve single/multiple use(s) for your personal use) we will work with you to determine a fair production price for the ship in question.

5. As a reminder, Loronar is a completely neutral entity with no ties to the Galactic Alliance, Imperial Union, or Galactic Concordiate, although we certainly admire those organizations for the stability and peace they have brought to their citizens.

Thrane Blis, President, Loronar Corp.
Xior Sorath, Vice President, Loronar Corp.
Bjaco Acker, Executive Director, Loronar Corp.

Please feel free to contact any of us.