Corporate Announcements

Year 18 Day 239 – Loronar Corporation’s Technical Solutions Division Awarded Task Order For Engineering Support Services

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS  — The Loronar Corporation announced today in a brief media session that its Technical Solutions division was recently awarded a task order by a major galactic security organization. The task order, for the Joint Force Systems Command Group, is to provide various engineering support services at Combat Direction Systems Activity, Deep Space Operations (CDSADSO) — the JFSCG Deep Space HQ.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to continue providing outstanding engineering support services to the JFSCG,” said Yves Josan, a program manager in Technical Solutions’ Integrated Mission Solutions Group. “Our Technical Services division has partnered with the JFSCG for the last five years on various projects, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with this new order of business.”

The task order is for engineering and design, network engineering and design, systems software development, prototype development, and related activities, and is contracted for three years.