The Loronar Corporation recognises that it has a moral obligation to give back to those communities that support us. We know that we would not be the success story that we have become without our people. That is why, with the blessing of the Corporate Board, I am very proud to announce the creation of the Loronar Foundation.

Vice President Xior Sorath, Year 18 Day 217


The Loronar Foundation is a charitable organisation under the Loronar umbrella intended to support communities across the Galaxy.

It provides a wide range of support and assistance to communities across the Galaxy, including disaster relief, medical care, education, and economic development. The Foundation is apolitical; it is intended to be a neutral entity whose core purpose is to provide support and assistance.

The Loronar Foundation’s Secretary-General is Dr. Lumaya Korzin, the former Deputy Chair of the Galactic Development Trust.