Loronar Production Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary that functions as one of the three primary business units within Loronar Corporation. It is responsible for the sales, logistics, and general administrative work to support Loronar Fleet Systems and Loronar Defense Industries.

Loronar Production Solutions also works with organizations across the galaxy to ensure that their production needs are being met. These services are contracted on a case by case basis and require negotiations with either Vice President/COO Xior Sorath, Executive Director Bjaco Acker, or President/CEO Thrane Blis.

Loronar Production Solutions offers three distinct levels of service, which can be contracted on a continual or singular basis:

Production Support - Level One

Loronar will serve as the Commander/Manager of your production facilities and allow your organization's representative (or you personally if an individual) to utilize Loronar as the facilitator of your production needs (OOC: faction hopping, etc.)

Production Support - Level Two

Loronar will serve as the Commander/Manager of your organization's production facilities, and will handle the production plan as well (does not include raw materials sourcing, piloting, or delivery).

Production Support - Level Three

Loronar will manage your entire production process from start to finish, to include sourcing and delivering the raw materials, as well as managing production and (if desired) selling the ships for you or delivering them to your location (may be subcontracted).