Year 18 Day 217 – Loronar Foundation Brings Hope To Billions

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS — Vice President Xior Sorath announced the creation of the Loronar Foundation, a charitable organisation under the Loronar umbrella intended to support communities across the Galaxy. “The Loronar Corporation recognises that it has a moral obligation to give back to those communities that support us,” said the Vice President in an address launching the Foundation. “We know that […]

Year 18 Day 187 — Loronar Acquires Naming Rights to GBL Championship

MONDRESS, MONDRESS SECTOR — Marketing Director Lana Ren announced in an internal memo at Loronar Headquarters today that Loronar Corporation has acquired the naming rights to the upcoming Galactic Boloball League championship game, which will now be formally named the Loronar Cup. In the memo, Lana pointed out that Loronar is the first to acquire naming rights to the championship […]

YEAR 18 DAY 181 – CSID raids pirate outpost

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE YEAR 18 DAY 181 DEEP SPACE, PERKELL SECTOR — Agents of Loronar’s Corporate Security and Intelligence Directorate (CSID) conducted their first major raid against a pirate outpost yesterday. It is understood that a small band of outlaws calling themselves the Haruka Gang had threatened Loronar shipping in the Perkell sector. CSID intelligence operatives had been tracking the […]

Year 18 Day 167

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE YEAR 18 DAY 167 DEEP SPACE At a lavish press conference held aboard the Corporation’s flagship, the LCS Loronari, Vice President Xior Sorath hailed the start of an unparalleled era of success for the Loronar Corporation (GSE:LOR) as construction began on the company’s first production hub. “This is the beginning of a multi-phase project to provide the […]

Year 18 Day 117

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE YEAR 18 DAY 117 MONDRESS, MONDRESS SECTOR LORONAR CORPORATION REORGANIZES; NAMES NEW PRESIDENT/CEO On Year 18 Day 117, the Corporate Board of Loronar Corporation announced that they had hired Thrane Blis as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation some weeks ago. Mr. Blis, working with executive leadership,  unveiled a plan to reorganize the […]