Corporate Announcements

Star Access, Inc. Opens New Fuel Development Facility

Deep Space — Star Access Incorporated, a subsidiary of the Plexgrove Combine, has announced the opening of a space-based fuel development facility as part of its plans for expansion.

“We have sited this facility at a strategic point close to an asteroid field and a large nebula to enable us to use the minerals and gasses found locally in our fuel research,” said the Chief Research Officer, Mordayan Whyte.

Star Access Research Station Mimir

“Initial studies have shown that some common fuels, such as rhydonium, can be used alongside gaseous fuels such as clouzon-36 and its derivatives to improve efficiency and stability. We are keen to exploit these new discoveries with this state-of-the-art facility.”

The facility has been named Research Station Mimir after the ancient Corellian goddess of knowledge.

RS Mimir was officially opened by Executive Director Viv Henders, the Loronar Corporation’s Chief Technology Officer and member of the Corporate Board.

“It is a great honour to be here to bear witness to Star Access’s bold step forward in the field of fuel technology,” said Ms Henders after the official opening ceremony. “The impact of the research being carried out at this facility will be felt across the Galaxy. I am always very keen for the Loronar family of companies to push the boundaries of knowledge, and this exciting new station will support that goal.”

Ms Henders and Mr Whyte were given a tour of the station by the Chief Administrator. They met some of the company’s key research staff and were shown prototype fuel cells during their visit.

Star Access also announced that planetary hypermatter generation research was reaching an important phase, sending share prices to a sixteen month high at close of trading on the Galactic Stock Exchange.