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YEAR 18 DAY 181 – CSID raids pirate outpost

YEAR 18 DAY 181

DEEP SPACE, PERKELL SECTOR — Agents of Loronar’s Corporate Security and Intelligence Directorate (CSID) conducted their first major raid against a pirate outpost yesterday. It is understood that a small band of outlaws calling themselves the Haruka Gang had threatened Loronar shipping in the Perkell sector.

CSID intelligence operatives had been tracking the movements of the group for some time, and a credible threat to the Loronar Corporation’s assets and employees had been identified.

“At this point, after receiving authorisation from corporate headquarters, local units launched a surgical strike against the Haruka Gang’s hideout,” said Commander Eleese K’tar, a spokeswoman for CSID.

CSID naval forces destroyed all enemy fighters in the area, enabling an assault team to board the Haruka Gang’s headquarters. The Corporation has not released casualty figures, but it is believed that a number of pirates were taken into custody. The pirate outpost was swept for intelligence and scuttled at the conclusion of the operation.

“All in all, this was a highly successful action and I commend those who took part. This is a demonstration of our Corporation’s growing capabilities,” said Commander K’tar.

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