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Year 18 Day 231 – Loronar AgriCorp Invests In Future Of Galactic Agriculture

DEEP SPACE — The chairwoman of Loronar AgriCorp (LAC), Mykeera Salmaz, has today announced that the company is to pilot a new kind of space-based agricultural facility.

“We know that, due to the ongoing conflict across the Galaxy, there are many planets that are no longer able to support large-scale agricultural developments. Part of our mission is to be innovative, and I’m pleased to announce that Loronar’s Corporate Board has approved a budget to allow us to test new ideas for crop production.”

LAC has begun the process of modifying a space station as  a test bed for large scale space-based agricultural facilities. Initially the station will focus on agronomy, but provision will be made for an expansion to allow for experiments in aquaculture to be carried out.

Chairwoman Salmaz explained that the ultimate goal of the research was to explore the possibility of creating a series of cheap, easily-constructed space stations to be used to supplement the Galaxy’s food supply network. “We know that we can never replace agriworlds, and that is not our goal. But we do think that certain types of crop may fare better in carefully controlled facilities such as these stations. In particular, those that are susceptible to disease are a key area of focus.”

The station has been named the LCS Tafanda after the capital city of Chairman Salmaz’s homeworld, Ithor.

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