Corporate Announcements

Year 18 Day 248 — Aduba Abominations Win Loronar Cup

Galactic Boloball League Park — In a thrilling 4-3 victory over the Honogharan Hounds, the Aduba Abominations are the Galactic Boloball League’s Loronar Cup champions in season two. The Abominations’ victory was led by star player Cesar Adair, who holds the current record for single season assists and career assists in the fledgling league. The Abominations led the Galactic Division with twenty-nine points, and were heavy favorites heading into the Cup. However, the Sector Division Lorell Raiders edged out the Abominations in terms of total points for the season, with thirty, and thus the prize will be split between the two teams.

President Thrane Blis was on hand along with League Commissioner Alex Malik to present the trophy to the winning team and owner. Thrane would later remark to the media, “We are ecstatic at Loronar to sponsor this League and this event and help bring entertainment to millions across the galaxy. What a victory for the Abominations! This was a nail-biter and we congratulate the Abominations on their thrilling victory tonight. Good luck to all the teams next year as they vie for next year’s Loronar Cup!”

Loronar acquired the naming rights to the GBL championship game earlier this season for an undisclosed sum.