Corporate Announcements

Year 18 Day 255 – Loronar to Acquire Mako Weapons Systems, Ltd.

LORONAR HQ, MONDRESS – An internal holomail from Thrane Blis, Loronar Corporation President and CEO, was distributed across the company this morning at eight o’clock (HQST). The message stated that Loronar has entered into an agreement to acquire Mako Weapons Systems, Ltd in order to grow the arms and armor manufacturing capabilities of its arms manufacturing subsidiary, Loronar Defense Industries. MWS is a market leader in blaster weaponry sales, research, and development, in addition to recently developing their new Triton© heavy laser system.

“With Mako Weapons Systems’ innovative technology and Loronar’s leading manufacturing capability and strong customer base, we are helping our customers address defense and security challenges in ways that make existing defense and security platforms smarter, our customers’ missions safer and their operations more efficient,” said Thrane in the holomail.

Just two years ago, Loronar and Mako entered into a teaming agreement resulting in extensive integration on LDI’s SHARC© missile system. The SHARC, integrated with Mako’s advanced sensors, increased the combat efficiency of LDI’s concussion missile capabilities in various manned and unmanned spacecraft.

Mako Weapons Systems has recently announced the completion of the TRITON laser system, which features — among many improvements — a revolutionary new cooling system for ship-mounted lasers and turbolasers. With more than 1 million test hours completed, the TRITON laser’s capabilities address some of the many challenges facing defense and security customers.

“I am proud of our team, culture, and relentless commitment to designing the best defense and security hardware in the industry,” said Grayson Gibbs, President and CEO of Mako Weapons Systems. “This acquisition allows us to leverage the strengths of one of the galaxy’s leading intergalactic companies while continuing to push our innovation to new levels.”

Mako Weapons Systems has approximately 3.2 million employees, operating primarily in the coreward sectors of the galaxy. The company will become a subsidiary of Loronar Defense Industries, operating under its current business model and reporting to Gavyn Connor, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Loronar Defense Industries. The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. Completion of the transaction is subject to satisfaction of customary closing conditions.