Corporate Announcements

Year 18 Day 266 – Galactic Health Organization Awards Major Research Contract To Loronar Medical

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS, MONDRESS SECTOR – Loronar Medical has been awarded a major research and development contract by the Galactic Health Organization (GHO). The research, known as the Disease Control Initiative, is intended to support the GHO when responding to Galaxy-wide pandemics, will take place primarily at Loronar Medical’s Omega Ranch facility.

“This research will help us to understand how galactic pandemics begin, and the conditions needed for them to spread. It will involve extensive research into historical incidents, as well as considering what kinds of future pandemics may occur,” said Prof. Themor Talerrsson, Loronar Medical’s chairman, speaking at a joint press conference with the GHO’s Director of Research & Development, Porik M’ktal.

“Awarding this contract to Loronar Medical is a clear demonstration of the GHO’s confidence in the company,” said Ms. M’ktal.

Loronar Medical specialises in pharmaceuticals, cybernetics, biotechnology and research into related areas.