Loronar Foundation

Year 18 Day 279 – Loronar Foundation To Open Academies On Sembla

SEMBLA, SERTAR SECTOR — With Sembla becoming the newest planet to be welcomed into the Galactic community, the Loronar Foundation has announced that it intends to fund the creation of an academy system on the planet.

“It is our duty to welcome the people of Sembla to the Galaxy, and to provide whatever support and assistance that we can to allow them to develop,” said the Foundation’s Secretary-General, Dr. Korzin. “This is a critical time in the development of the Vurk species, and we look forward to supporting them and allowing them to grow.”

The academy system will provide a wide-ranging curriculum to younglings and adults alike, bringing them up to speed on a wide array of subjects, including Galactic history, language and communication, and technology.