Year 18 Day 311 — Loronar Starways to Add New Cruise Ship

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS, MONDRESS SECTOR – Loronar Starways, one of the galaxy’s largest travel companies focusing primarily on leisure and tourist ventures, today announced at a joint press conference with parent company Loronar Corporation and sister company Loronar Fleet Systems that it has signed a memorandum of agreement with Strabin Sector authorities to build and commission a new cruise ship for the company’s iconic leisure travel portfolio that will visit the Sector’s most thrilling sights, including the closely monitored Metharian Nebula, for at least a decade.

The five hundred meter long cruise ship will be built at a deep space production node of sister company Loronar Fleet Systems, with an expected delivery date later this year. The as-yet-unnamed ship will join the Zenith, Delight, and Fidelity as the fourth member of the Castle-three class fleet, marking the first time in some years that the luxury cruise brand will have four ships of that size in simultaneous service.

The new cruise ship will be the 1,249th ship to fly the Loronar Starways flag since the company’s acquisition by parent company Loronar Corporation almost two decades ago. Loronar Starways will announce additional details about the new ship when it is officially commissioned next month.

With this new ship agreement, Loronar Starways now has 18 new ships scheduled to be delivered to its portfolio of leading galactic cruise brands within the next two years.

Reia Suzix, COO, Loronar Starways & Thrane Blis, CEO, Loronar Corporation

“We are very pleased to announce a fourth Castle-3 class ship for our immensely popular Starways fleet, which by the way is also one of the most legendary brands in the entire vacation industry,” said Thrane Blis, CEO of Loronar Corporation. “Loronar Starways offers a fleet of unrivaled vessels and one of the most unique travel experiences in the galaxy, which together create an enchanting and memorable vacation for their guests. While today’s news helps drive Loronar Starway’s overall strategic growth plans, we also look forward to launching this next-generation cruise ship to help meet increasing galactic demand and entice even more travelers to explore the Starways experience.”

Reia Suzix, COO of Loronar Starways, added: “Fleet enhancement is an important part of our ongoing goal to exceed guest expectations. This includes replacing less efficient ships with more efficient vessels over time as part of our managed capacity growth.”

Donovan Bono, COO of Loronar Fleet Systems, concluded: “In fact, we have built 863 ships for Loronar Starways, representing today almost two-thirds of the company’s current fleet, with eighteen more ships to come in the next two years. This is a cooperation which can be defined as historical, based on relationships of mutual respect and trust.”