Corporate Announcements

Year 19 Day 118 – Corporate Board Congratulates Loronar Leadership Team On One Year Anniversary

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS, MONDRESS – In an extraordinary session called to mark the one year anniversary of President Thrane Blis’s appointment as the Loronar Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, the Corporate Board offered its congratulations to President Blis and his C-Level leadership team.

The Corporate Boardroom

“The last year has been the most successful in the corporation’s history, and it is in no small part down to the leadership of President Blis and his team,” said Nox Rime, the Loronar Corporation’s Chief Financial Officer, as he opened the meeting. “From the initial shakeup and streamlining of the Corporation’s structure and the introduction of a new Corporate Charter, to a vastly increased customer base and a turnover of more than two billion credits, this is a year worth celebrating. On behalf of the Corporate Board, I offer our congratulations and our gratitude for your hard work, vision and leadership over the last year. You have transformed the Loronar Corporation into the success story that it has become, and we look forward to many more years with you at the helm.”

President Blis, who was joined by his executive leadership team at the meeting, thanked the board members for their hard work.

“I am humbled by your comments. You have each made a tremendous effort in your respective posts over the last year, and I am indebted to each of you for your dedication and commitment,” said President Blis. “Our success is in no small part down to you and your teams, and I offer my thanks to all of you.”