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Year 19 Day 121 – Loronar Corporation Honors Graduates Of The Loronar Fleet Systems Apprentice School

YEAR 19 DAY 121 – LORONAR HEADQUARTERS — Loronar Corportation (GSE:LOR) hosted commencement exercises yesterday evening for 1,148 graduates of the company’s Apprentice School at Loronar Fleet Systems. The ceremony was held in the Meridian Theatre, in the Loronar headquarters facility on Mondress. Vice President Bjaco Acker was in attendance representing the Loronar Corporate Board, and personally extended congratulations to graduates during the ceremony.

Victor Raesan

In his first commencement as the Executive Director of Loronar Fleet Systems, Victor Raesan discussed the role the company’s newest shipbuilders will play in building its future. “It’s such an exciting time to be a shipbuilder,” Raesan said. “We are transforming how we build ships, how we run our business and how we improve the work experience for all of our people.

“We are working smart every day to innovate, to rethink and reinvent the business of shipbuilding,” he said. “Today, we are moving forward, committed to building a future focused on sentients across the galaxy and technology—not just for today’s workforce, but for our children and our children’s children.”

The Meridian Theatre

“Whether you realized it or not, we were all being taught how to be future leaders of the company,” said Jasa Browning, a program graduate. “We need to take the reigns as we transition through this time over the last year under our new CEO, where so much knowledge is walking out the gate for the last time and so many fresh faces are coming through it for the first time. In doing this we will keep building the legacy of Loronar Fleet Systems and The Apprentice School well into the future,” she said.


The following is a profile of this year’s graduating class:

349 completed an optional, advanced program. The program included advanced coursework in subjects such as production planning, modeling and simulation, and general engineering. Additionally, a major part of this advanced program includes courses in naval strategy and tactics to better prepare the participants to address advanced design problems for military customers.
658 earned honors, a combination of academic and craft grades that determine overall performance.
551 completed Advanced Shipyard Operations Program, allowing them to continue their education, expand their experience in spacecraft operations and develop leadership skills to improve the quality and efficiency of production, manufacturing and maintenance processes.
211 completed Frontline FAST, an accelerated skills training program for potential foremen.
398 graduates are non-human, emphasizing Loronar’s commitment to a diverse workforce.
86 completed the program with a perfect 4.0 grade point average in the required academic curriculum.
153 are military veterans.

About The Apprentice School

The Apprentice School typically accepts 1,000-1,200 apprentices per year. The school offers four- to eight-year, tuition-free apprenticeships in 19 trades and eight optional advanced programs. Apprentices work a 60-hour week and are paid for all work, including time spent in academic classes. Through partnerships with local universities, The Apprentice School’s academic program provides the opportunity for apprentices to earn academic degrees during their apprenticeship in areas of focus such as business administration as well as various engineering and science disciplines.