Corporate Announcements

Year 19 Day 130 – Loronar Corporation Joins Confederate Remnant


The following prepared statement was released to major galactic news outlets as well as all Loronar Corporation and subsidiary employees as of 7:00 a.m. local time on Year 19, Day 130.


As all are aware, there has been much political and economic turbulence in the Mondress Sector and the greater spinward regions controlled by the former Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) in the last year. When we relocated our galactic headquarters to Mondress in the heart of CIS territory just over a year ago, we of course did not know that this tension was so close to spilling over into war. Nobody — including all of the political analysts on our payroll — could have foreseen the events that precipitated the conflict between the CIS and what became known as the Red Fury Brotherhood.

We were initially attracted to bring our Headquarters to Mondress over a year ago because the economic incentives for doing so were quite substantial, and the partnership we struck with the CIS to utilize some of their mothballed production facilities to reinforce our manufacturing capacity, as well as a commitment between ourselves and the CIS to share research and development data, was crucial to our growth strategy. These areas of cooperation have been maintained throughout the conflict, first with the CIS, then with the Red Fury Brotherhood, who briefly controlled Mondress during the uprising, and then (and currently) with Kutol-Chan Industrial, who seized control of the former CIS territories and assets after a protracted struggle on many fronts, both legal and material.

Kutol-Chan Industrial (KCI), formerly known as the Confederacy satellite firm Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. and led by former Confederacy Head of State Siejo Kutol, has remained a steadfast business partner to Loronar Corporation throughout the aftermath of the conflict in the Mondress Sector. During this time, Chairman Kutol sought partners with which to restore order to the region. Chairman Kutol has partnered with other major organizations in the spinward region, such as the former Schism Collective, to form an alliance known as the Confederate Remnant. The Confederate Remnant’s goal is to create a broader network of cooperative organizations dedicated to the ideals of the former Confederacy while acknowledging the deficiencies which led to the precipitous rise of the Red Fury Brotherhood.

Loronar Corporation, which has recently highlighted its spectacular growth in the last year under the leadership of its new Corporate Board, has announced that they have petitioned for and been admitted to membership in the Confederate Remnant, effective immediately.

“We are excited to announce that Loronar Corporation will be joining this alliance,” Thrane Blis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Loronar Corporation said in contribution to this statement. “The Confederate Remnant has pledged itself to developing networking strategies and new technologies, and has indicated their support for further legislation to support our industry. Furthermore, I and the Corporate Board strongly believe that having robust and stable partners is essential to our growth strategy.”

“Myself and Vice President Bjaco Acker, who has also been instrumental in our success in his role as Loronar’s Chief Strategy Officer, will work in the Confederate Senate to ensure that Loronar’s interests will be well-represented in the Remnant. While I as CEO will always maintain a position in the Remnant Senate, I will select the second Senator from among the Corporate Board on a quarterly basis. I have every confidence that Vice President Acker will perform admirably in this inaugural role.”

“Questions from external organizations (including the press) regarding this issue can be directed to Executive Director Sadako Yazelli’s media relations office, as usual. Questions from our Loronar employees, whether of the Corporation itself or one of our many subsidiaries, should be relayed to your site’s sentient resources officer for review and resolution. Additionally, I plan on holding several town hall meetings in the coming days to discuss the change further with our employees.”