Year 19 Day 160 – Sennem Environmental Services to Create Wildlife Refuge

DEVARON, DULUUR SECTOR – In the foothills of the Karatokai Mountains on Devaron, a new private wildlife area now protects 4,500 hectares of natural space along the Tikaroo River. This stretch of the river, and the lands around it, are crucially important to native wildlife and include one of the largest concentration areas for native taka-tey birds, as well as several herds of happabores and critically endangered pikhrons, among many other native and non-native wildlife species. The property’s terrain includes mountains in the east, hilly shrublands in the north and east bordering the mountains, which gradually run into jungle and forests through which the Tikaroo River flows. In the far southwest, the thick vegetation yields to a spectacular series of erosive plateaus, on top of which a unique plains ecosystem has evolved. The new wildlife refuge will be named the Ulrahk Range after former Devaron President Aven’sai’Ulrahk, who served Devaron during the Clone Wars.

The area was created upon the approval of Sennem Environmental Services’ land management plan by local leaders; the plan outlined habitat restoration processes and future recreational use of the Ulrahk Range. The decision was also made possible with the support of the Loronar Foundation, which awarded a significant grant towards the project. Loronar Foundation Secretary-General Dr. Lumaya Korzin remarked, “We are thrilled that Devaron has approved the Ulrahk project. We feel that the preservation of natural areas such as this one are certainly a part of our organizational mandate to give back to local communities.”

“The project will not only protect native wildlife and habitats, but also bring jobs to the area.” Commented Sennem Environmental Services spokesman Cha’ralek Bidini. “In addition to our habitat restoration efforts, we will be building a wildlife fence to protect the habitat from poachers and other undesirable elements, and hiring wardens and rangers. We are also discussing the possibility of partnering with Loronar Starways to provide services to sentients who wish to see the native Devaronian flora and fauna in its most pristine form, which could help support future conservation efforts in the preserve.”

Sennem is expected to begin the project in the upcoming months.

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