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Year 19 Day 180 – Loronar Medical Donates Equipment to University of Commenor

In a joint press release with the University of Commenor, Loronar Medical announced today a multi-million credit donation of cutting edge medical supplies and equipment to the University of Commenor’s medical training center. The donation package also includes a full-time medical technology expert who will work with University professors and maintenance personnel to ensure the equipment remains functional in the years to come — salary fully funded by a grant from the Loronar Foundation. The package constitutes the largest donation ever made by Loronar Medical. The students at the University, many of whom will have an opportunity to become employed locally in the Corellian Sector medical care network after graduation, are expected to gain valuable early exposure to various medical equipment that is used in a hospital setting, resulting in a high-level of comfort for the student upon entering formal medical practice.

Loronar Medical CEO Dr. Themor Talerrsson

“Sharing expertise through education is not a new concept to us – it is ingrained in our culture and has become a vital component in the way we conduct business, as it speaks to our efforts to facilitate life-long learning among our employees, partners, and customers,” commented Dr. Themor Talerrsson, CEO of Loronar Medical. “Historically, we’ve offered a wide range of education and training programs that contain general information on medical sciences as well as specific application training associated with our products and services. We’re proud to supply the University of Commenor with its equipment for its medical training center pro bono, with support of course from Dr.  Korzin at the Loronar Foundation, who first made us aware of this opportunity a few weeks ago.”

“The University of Commenor is grateful to be able to partner with a highly respected company like Loronar Medical to better prepare our healthcare students for their careers,” said Dr. Bernard O’Donnell, Dean of the medical program at UoC. “Loronar shares the same culture of caring that our students, faculty, and administration feels. That’s what partnerships do; they enrich each of the participants.”

Loronar Medical’s marketing, technical support, and hospital care teams invite customers from the Corellian Sector’s local medical care network to get a first-hand look at the state-of-the-art training environment at the University as soon as the new equipment is delivered and installed within the coming weeks.