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Year 19 Day 200 – Corporate Board Congratulates CSID on Capture of Criminal Leader

                 The Loronar Corporate Board

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS, MONDRESS — The Corporate Board met today at Loronar Corporation’s Mondress Headquarters facility to recognize Executive Director Augustus Finch and Director Nia Sardos of Loronar’s Corporate Security and Intelligence Directorate (CSID). While Executive Director Finch has operational responsibilty for the whole of CSID, Director Sardos leads the External Operations subunit of CSID, which is charged with creating and maintaining a benign environment in which the Loronar Corporation can do business, including by bringing to justice those who have wronged the Corporation and removing potential obstacles to the Corporation’s expansion.

Approximately a year and a half ago, just after current Loronar President Thrane Blis was tapped to lead the Corporation, a criminal organization, through deception and betrayal, managed to abscond with Loronar assets worth in excess of two hundred million credits. This criminal action  provoked one of the longest external operations in CSID’s history, culminating earlier this week in the capture of the offending criminal organization’s leader by a third party contractor retained by CSID’s External Operations command team. The arrestee was promptly processed into formal CSID custody, where discussions regarding the repayment of her debt to the Corporation were amicably discussed by both Executive Director Finch and Director Sardos. The outcome of the discussion was a repayment contract that was, according to Executive Director Finch, “equitable.” The contract permitted the criminal her freedom after she had repaid her debts to the Corporation, plus interest accrued on the stolen assets’ value and an estimation of lost potential income that resulted from the incident.

Through interviews with the criminal leader, which took place over several days, CSID investigators were able to ascertain the location of her flagship and mobile base of operations, an Ardent-class Fast Frigate. Unbeknownst to the criminal leader, CSID forces infiltrated the ship, and seized it after several days of fighting. CSID operatives were able to secure a considerable amount of assets aboard the ship, as well as information in the Ardent’s databanks which have been passed on to galactic enforcement authorities. With her organization dealt a severe blow and the her half of the contract fulfilled, the criminal was released from custody by Executive Director Finch.

“I would like to personally thank those who were involved in this, from the third party organization we contracted with, to our Corporate Security and Intelligence Directorate, and of course, Directors Finch and Sardos for stepping up behind the scenes and leading the teams involved. I believe both of them have been sleeping in the CSID Command Center for the last two weeks.” Thrane Blis, President of Loronar Corporation, commented during the Board meeting. “It is unfortunate that the criminal walked free, but unlike her, the Corporation respects and fulfills its contracts, and that freedom was purchased at a very high price after all.”

         The newly designated [LCS] Triumph
Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of Loronar Corporation, Xior Sorath, also extended his congratulations to Directors Finch and Sardos and was quoted as saying, “Well done, team. The Corporation depends on success stories like this one to safeguard its right to grow and operate as a sovereign entity.”

According to the Board, plans are being made to refit the Ardent-class Fast Frigate and incorporate it into CSID’s escort fleet. Its transponder codes have already been changed from its underworld designation of Crimson Blade to its new name of [LCS] Triumph. While many of the criminals aboard were captured or killed during the fighting, many were forced into the criminal organization’s service and are now freed; of this group, a large number expressed interest in pursuing employment contracts with Loronar and are being vetted internally.