Corporate Announcements

Year 19 Day 60 – Corporate Board Address Instability in Mondress Sector

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS, MONDRESS — The Loronar Corporation’s Corporate Board met today at the Mondress Headquarters campus to discuss the recent events in the Hevvrol and Mondress Sectors and their impact on Loronar Corporation. While Loronar had located its headquarters at Mondress in part due to financial and other incentives promised by the former Confederacy of Independent Systems government, the political tensions in the region dissolved into chaos and military conflict in recent weeks as the Red Fury Brotherhood overthrew the local and regional official CIS administrations and supplanted it with a new government called the Hevvrol Federation.

Following the Corporate Board meeting, the Corporate Board, represented by President Thrane Blis, Vice President Bjaco Acker, and Executive Vice President Xior Sorath, called for a town hall-style meeting in the Meridian Theatre at Loronar Headquarters. In this meeting, employees were encouraged to ask questions about the Corporation as a whole and in particular in regards to the current political situation in the Mondress Sector and surrounding region. The town hall meeting was later recorded and distributed across Loronar Corporation in a company-wide holomail.

While there were many questions in the town hall meeting, which ran for approximately two hours, three questions in particular stood out and are transcribed in this announcement below.

Benjamin Plaske, a marketing representative, asked, “What about rumors of human rights violations that have occurred in this transition? Are they true and if so how will Loronar address it?”

Vice President Acker responded, “Civil rights violations are deplorable. Whilst there is always some disruption in any hostile transition, I am in regular contact with several watchdog organisations – including the CWM, the MUOE and the MPWU – and they have not raised any major violations.

“Moving on, I would like to announce that shortly before the transition began, Loronar acquired the city maintenance and redevelopment contract for Borealis city here on Mondress. The Loronar Foundation, in partnership with Loronar Medical, has established an emergency relief camp next to the hospital, where we are also providing free medical assistance until civil order is completely restored.”

Svi Violet, a senior production manager, asked, “Will this have any impact on our operations here? Will we be closed/miss work/etc. Will our production facilities at Mondress be shut down?”

Executive Vice President Sorath replied, “We anticipate that the impact on Loronar’s operations at Mondress will be minimal. At my direction, the Corporate Security and Intelligence Directorate has undertaken a number of preliminary analyses of the current situation and likely future developments, and additional units have been deployed to protect our shipping and transit operations to keep the production facilities running. Our business continuity plans are ready to be invoked at any time, and local line management will keep employees informed of any information directly relevant to their site.”

Siv Vvilks, a researcher in the legal department, asked, “Are we safe? I feel like we aren’t safe, can we trust this new

LCS Loronari on patrol

‘Hevvrol Federation?'”

President Blis answered this question, stating “Well, safety of our employees has always been our highest priority. I think that goes without saying, really, as we have the safety record to back that up. We truly do think of our company as our second family; it’s our Loronar family. With that said, our senior leadership has been to work every day during this instability and will continue to be. In addition, I have personally been in communication with Siejo Kutol as well as Echuu Shen-Jon, the leaders of the Hevvrol Federation, and I have their assurances that the dust has more or less settled at this point.

“In fact,” Thrane pulled out a datapad, “I told Mr. Kutol that we were having this meeting today and asked him to prepare a short statement for you all. This is what he wanted you to know — he said, ‘After being elected Chair of Kutol-Chan Industrial, my first action was to reassure our allies that business should progress as usual. In regards to Loronar, I personally reached out to President/CEO Blis to reiterate our desire to continue our close business relationship.’

Thrane put the datapad away. “So this has been a rather longwinded way to say that we are in close communication with the leaders of the Hevvrol Federation and if we feel there is any possibility of a safety issue here on campus or at any of our production facilities here, we will take action to protect our Loronar family. According to all accounts however, this has been a move largely embraced by the citizenry here, and the Hevvrol Federation is clearly values our partnership, so we don’t anticipate any further issues or any threat to our Loronar family at this time.”

The full recording of the town hall meeting can be found in the company-wide holomail distributed earlier today, and will be uploaded to the Loronar Corporation holosite later this week.