Corporate Announcements

Year 19 Day 74 – Loronar StarWays To Open Apex Resort

LORONAR HEADQUARTERS, MONDRESS – Loronar StarWays chairman Mar Vannoy has announced plans for the Apex Resort, an exclusive space-based premier vacation destination.

“Loronar StarWays and its subsidiary, SilverSun Resorts, have partnered to create one of the Galaxy’s most exciting new developments,” said Chairman Vannoy in a press conference. “This galactic-class integrated resort will cater for all of our guests’ needs, including dining, gaming, lodgings, entertainment, and retail.”

SilverSun Resorts CEO Riki Hakonen announced that plans for Apex Resort included:

  • Fifteen hotels, ranging from a pod hotel to Six Corsuca Gem luxury.
  • A multipurpose stadium and arena, capable of hosting sporting events, performances, concerts and other large events.
  • A pleasure garden.
  • Dozens of restaurants, lounges, cafés, nightclubs and bars.
  • Casinos, from decicred slots to high stakes sabacc.
  • An extensive shopping mall complex.
  • Multi-species spa.
  • Ten theatres.
  • An art gallery and sculpture park.
  • Zero-G activity sphere.
  • Zoo and aquarium.

The Loronar Corporation’s Corporate Security & Intelligence Directorate is creating a special subdivision to protect the resort and its guests.

“We understand that there is only one thing that matters when designing our resorts,” said Ms. Hakonen. “It can be summed up in two words: guest experience. We could spend millions on fine decor and luxurious surroundings, but this does not guarantee success. Our facilities are geared towards giving our guests an experience like no other from the moment that they arrive.”