Corporate Announcements

Year 19 Day 97 – Loronar Fleet Systems Exhibits Ringworld Concept

GALACTIC ENGINEERING EXPO — At this sidereal’s Galactic Engineering Expo, Loronar Fleet Systems chief designer, Dr. Yann Kzinti, is to present LFS’s concept for a ‘ringworld’, a gargantuan, habitable ring constructed in a stable orbit around a star.

“The concept is not new,” said Dr. Kzinti during an interview at opening of the Expo, “but it is an exciting one. Many of us will have seen the rings of orbital shipyards and factories around Kuat. This is a similar idea, but on a much larger scale.”

Artist’s impression of Aureole, LFS’s ringworld concept.

Dr. Kzinti and his team began working on the concept following a challenge set down by the Chief Strategy Officer, Vice President Bjaco Acker, who urged LFS’s designers to dream up a radical concept in order to encapsulate the corporation’s ambitions.

The project, codenamed Aureole, would see the construction of a ring with a radius of 150 million kilometers, using specially reinforced durasteel and other classified materials. Aureole would rotate at a fixed speed to generate gravity via centrifugal force. A series of thrusters would ensure that the ring maintained a stable orbit around the star. The flat inner surface of the ring would be habitable, with an artificially generated atmosphere, terraformed landscapes and oceans designed to be ideal habitats for a wide range of species. A defensive system designed by Loronar Defense Industries would destroy any celestial objects that might pose a threat to the world’s integrity.

“It would be possible to have an immense number of inhabitants on this theoretical world,” said Dr. Kzinti. “Perhaps a sector’s worth on a single planet. Of course, the financial and material resources of such a world would be immense, but it is not beyond our capabilities.”

“Life on Aureole would, in many ways, be much easier than on a standard planetoid. Everything would be carefully designed to cater to living beings. The temperature and environment would be controlled. There would be no natural disasters or dangerous flora and fauna. We have worked with Loronar Medical, Loronar AgriCorp and Sennem Environmental Services to design an entire ecosystem. It is a fascinating project.”

Dr. Kzinti’s talk on the Aureole project takes place at 19:00 GST tomorrow in the Nebula Auditorium on the final night of the expo. The presentation will be broadcast live via the corporate holonet.